Tropeang Skun SFP 2020

Check out the photos from the first SFP, held in the new educational building/library, on February 9th 2020! 

2020 SFP expansion

In 2019, the villagers in Tropeang Skun were building a library. Fr. Gianluca asked AKUN to set up a Sunday Feeding Program at the library once it was completed. AKUN agreed to fund this program during 2020, at a cost of $30 for each Sunday, as well as the purchasing of all the start up equipment needed.

This wonderful program started in 2008 in Chumkiri, Kampot Province (one of the poorest in Cambodia). It expanded to also serve children from the village of Or (PhumOr). Every Sunday, the children are served one very nutritious meal of 'bobo', a rice porridge packed with eggs, chicken meat and veggies. It might not seem much but that one meal a week has proved to improve the health of these children. It is also a nice way to gather them together and check on their health and family issues, as well as, an opportunity for the youth to serve their community.

What are the benefits of this program?

- to improve the health of the children;

- to build community life;

- to employ 2 local ladies;

- to involve the youth group;

​- to give basic moral and hygiene principles

Important News!

The SFP restarted on October 24th 2021 in Chumkiri and PhumOr.

The Tropeang Skun program will restart when the staff member there has recovered from Covid-19 and feels able to restart the program.


What happens each Sunday?

- Early in the morning, children come on their bikes if they have one or on the 'rowie' (a trailer pulled by a motorbike);

- at about 8am, the children are  welcomed and gather in groups organized by the youth group;

​- they play games, sing and dance;

- they wash their hands;

- they sit in lines and wait for the 'bobo' to be served by the youth group;

- they sing and listen to the youth and Fr Gianluca talking to them;

- they eat;

- they go home.


Facebook updates!

Check for monthly photos:

How can you help?
You can donate the for your chosen Sunday and in your honor, a special thank you will be said, on that day. After you donate, you will also receive a personalized certificate to commemorate the day. Click here to donate!

How much does it cost?

Chumkiri and PhumOr cost $70/£60/€65 per week, TropeangSkun costs $30 including the salary of 3 people to prepare the nutritious 'bobo' (rice porridge) mixed with eggs, chicken meat and vegetables. 

Did you know that when you donate money to AKUN, more than 98% goes directly to projects?