Our Current Goals

​- Supporting the Sunday Feeding Program all year round

- To provide educational scholarships  

Check out more photos from the Sunday Feeding Program!

 Our Mission is to improve the lives of those worldwide in desperate situations and personal crisis by providing shelter, food, education and hope.

Thank you for supporting us and making a difference in their lives!

Our Achievements


- We have been the exclusive sponsor of the very successful Sunday Feeding Program, it has now expanded to 3 villages. 

- We raised awareness for our mission by presenting our cause and collecting donations from various groups via garage sales, craft fairs, markets and home events in Scotland, France, Vietnam, Texas and Alaska. 

- We have given presentations to Rotary Clubs, from Houston to Scotland. We are available to speak at your events so please don't hesitate to contact us. 

- We sponsor students to further their education in cases where they would otherwise not be able to through the Sarah Meredith Fouad Scholarship and direct donor sponsorship when available.

Thank you so much to all of you for your continued support of our successful programs.​​

​Above is the link to our 2021 Annual Report.



November News 2022

November 2-9, Linda Franks and Shari Kruger visited AKUN's Cambodian projects.

 November 29, 2022#Giving Tuesday Facebook Fundraiser

AKUN will be raising funds for the 2023 Sunday Feeding Program from #Giving Tuesday 

January News 2023

AKUN AGM - details to be announced later



WHY the name AKUN?

'AKUN' (pron. Awkoon) means

'Thanks' in popular Khmer language. 


AKUN contributes to small scale projects that are well managed

from start to finish. Many times,

a little help in the right way can have a large and long lasting

impact in people's lives.


The Sunday Feeding Program feeds children in 3 villages each Sunday.

Ready to sponsor a Sunday yourself?

Did you know that when you donate money to AKUN, more than 97% goes directly to projects?