Check our latest photos and news on improving homes in Cambodia.

Check our latest photos and news on giving school bags in Rwanda.

Check our latest photos and news on the Mobile School in Cambodia.

In 2017, our projects were:

- exclusive funder for the Chumkiri Sunday Feeding Program; 

- gave much-needed bag packs to 110 students in Rwanda who could not afford them; 

- supported the launch of the new Mobile Learning Services in Cambodia; 

- improved the homes of 2 families in the Chumkiri area and have a few more waiting;

We raised awareness for our mission by hosting several events:

- a garage sale in Katy, TX where Barbara and Christine our Board members sold personal items and gave all the money as a donation to AKUN;

- a garage sale in Anchorage, AK where Anna our Treasurer also personal items and gave the money to AKUN;

- 2 market sales in France where our President Linda sold items she bought in Cambodia and also donated the money to AKUN;

Including website donations, we have raised about $7,000 so far this year. Most of these funds have already been distributed and you can see where our funds went exactly by checking each project.
We still have more fundraising to come in 2017, especially with Giving Tuesday and Christmas approaching!
Thank you so much to all of you for making 2017 another year of success!

Check our latest photos and news on the Sunday Feeding Program

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