1. Having been contacted by Esther Tobias, Chief Librarian for state schools in Namibia, Barbara Sanders, AKUN's President, was able to meet Esther to discuss her request for books. It became clear that there is a real need for library books in Namibian schools. We were able to sponsor 1 school in 2023, spending $720 on books for the library at Havana High School in Windhoek, Namibia's capital.


The school's weekly lunch program began in March 2021 and feeds all 132 students each Wednesday. Sadly, their sponsor was unable to continue providing the ingredients. AKUN agreed to cover the costs, $93.88 per month, from September to the end of the year. 

The school has 848 students aged 14-19. It was opened 2 years ago and is well equipped with sports facilities as well as a library ready for books! AKUN liaised with Esther to decide on which books to buy locally to donate. Barbara was also able to donate 280 secondhand books from friends in the UK. More textbooks were donated via Madri Colvin the owner of CIDS Centre in Windhoek. Once the books are processed they will head to Havana High School, hopefully in January 2024. We will keep you updated!

Barbara handing over some of the books donated by AKUN to Esther.

​The projects focussed on: EducationFood and Hope!

​​​In 2023, AKUN sponsored 2 new projects based in Namibia.

Contributions to AKUN are tax-deductible (US only) because we are a 501(c)3 public charity organization. 


Your donations are changing lives!

Havana High School, photos taken during Barbara's visit in July 2023.

Small scale * Big Impact


School Principal, Mr. Simasiku explained the program's importance to the school role and attendance:

'In 2020 the enrolment was 65 learners with 5 teachers and today is 132 learners with 8 teachers. This is due to the impact of the School Feeding Program. The parents have trust in the staff and learners are coming and we project the number to be 145 or more in 2024.'

During October and November, Barbara was able to talk with Mr. Simasiku the school principal and see the program in action. She also spoke to some of the teachers regarding the benefits of the program to the children's education. During our November Board Meeting we decided to fund the ingredients for the program in 2024, enabling it to continue running once a week.

Staff at the National Library were happy to accept the books donated by AKUN.

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The classes lining up with their bowls brought from home. They clean them and take them home again afterwards.

Parents volunteer to cook each week.

2. Starting in September 2023, AKUN began funding the ingredients for the Mbambazi Primary School weekly lunch program. The school is in the Zambezi region of Namibia. AKUN had originally been approached by the school via email to donate library books. Once the proposal was received, the school's needs had changed.