Ming Duy's Story:

We met Ming Duy on our last trip to Cambodia as we were going through the countryside reviewing candidates for the Housing Program.
She has 2 kids: a 12 yrs old son and a 10 yrs old daughter.

‚ÄčThe daughter appeared to us as she is having some mental as well as visual issues (one of her eyes is half closed and so did not form properly). 

Ming Duy's husband died from a stroke when the daughter was a baby, living her as single mother of 2.

She then had to live with her father and her step mother (her mother died when she was very young).

Right now, there are several families living in the father's house. For many reasons, they all want her to have a house of her own. She had savings because she was doing very well before and she started building her own house.

However, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo surgery (which went well) and 6 chemotherapy treatments. She did some radiation treatment... but not much else.

Even during all these hard times, she continued to build her house chopping down huge palm trees to make the frame. The first photos showed what she had achieved by herself! Amazing!

But she needed help for the cement, buy wood and pillars and finish the house. So, thanks to our generous donors, we have finished her house using $1070, even adding a cooking area so she does not have to cook in the open outdoors. The house is now finished and we were told that her most recent checkup showed that everything was clear. So she is in remission right now! All the best to Ming Duy in her new house!



In 2016, we used $1070 of your donations in to improve the home of Ming Duy!!!