2023 News

AKUN began the year with a change of President and Vice President. Linda Franks, stepped down from the President's role and was succeeded by Barbara Sanders. Barbara resigned from her role as Vice President and Sunday Feeding Program Chair. Linda Franks stepped into both roles vacated by Barbara. We would like to thank Linda and Barbara for all of their work since AKUN was founded in 2015, and wish them well in their new roles. Barbara Sanders continues in her role as Communications Chair.

​In the late spring, Shari Kruger stepped aside from her role as Secretary due to family commitments. She decided not to continue her role as Secretary later in the year and Tera Schaumann kindly took over. We wish Shari and her family well. 

We were very happy to welcome Tera to the role of AKUN's Secretary in our September meeting. We are grateful for the time and commitment she has given to the role already! 

In 2023, AKUN continued to fund the Sunday Feeding Program in 3 villages in Cambodia. Following Linda Franks visit in November 2023, the Board voted to change both the name and the focus of the SFP from 2024. It was renamed the Sunday Children's Program and will focus on the children's overall wellbeing, encompassing education, health, food, social skills and teamwork. AKUN will continue to fund the ingredients for the bobo given to the children each Sunday. We will also fund educational activities relating to the children's wellbeing as needed.

To further support the Tropeang Skun community, AKUN was approached during Linda's visit to Cambodia, for a water pump, the Board agreed to send the funds needed in our November meeting.

AKUN was able to continue sponsoring students, on their higher education courses, at universities in Cambodia. In Srey Touch, successfully graduated in the summer of 2023. AKUN continues to sponsor 4 students in Cambodia: 3 students have direct sponsors. The Sarah Meredith Fouad Scholarship Program continues to fund student scholarships in Cambodia and Guatemala. The program received more applications from Guatemala. AKUN was able to sponsor 3 Guatemalan students, one of whom, Araceli Roxana Perez Diaz, graduated in December. 

New Projects:

AKUN agreed to fund books for a school library at Havana High School in Windhoek, following a request by Esther Tobias, the Chief Librarian for state schools in Namibia. Barbara Sanders, AKUN President, was able to meet Esther and visit the school, allowing her to give detailed information to the AKUN Board. The books were purchased in Namibia and donated in November and December.

AKUN was also approached by Mbambazi Primary School in Northern Namibia to fund a weekly feeding program. Having lost their sponsor, the program feeding 132 children, was due to end in August. AKUN was able to fund the program from September till the end of 2023 and will continue to do so in 2024.

​2023 News