Did you know that when you donate money to AKUN, more than 98% goes directly to projects?

Thanks to your donations, AKUN has already provided or improved a home for 10 families.

In 2018 so far, 3 more families have benefitted from your donations.

Check their stories and photos using the drop-down menu of this section!


They are ready to improve their housing conditions!

Let's give them the tools and the materials! YES!





We already have 6 candidates for 2019!!

Any amount of donation will have a big impact on the lives of these families!

Thank you!


Your donation can be used for items such as:

- buying the materials (wooden planks, nails, tin for the roof...etc);

- buying an existing building and moving it and renovating it as needed;

- paying for labour help if needed.

We want to involve community groups in this area such as the men's group and the youth group to repair or build shelters for families in desperate situations.

They need the skills, the work hours and the materials, all funded by AKUN to bring better living conditions and dignity to underprivileged people.

We, at AKUN, believe that it is a basic human right to have a decent shelter. Many families in the Kampot Province of Cambodia don't even have a basic hut.

Together, we can give them safety and dignity!

It costs about $1000 to build a decent shelter for a Cambodian family in Kampot Province, one of the poorest area of Cambodia. Would you like to help?

Let's improve the conditions in which some families barely survive!