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How the idea of AKUN began


We, at AKUN, want to be very transparent, so if you want to know more about our organization itself, click here!

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President and Founder


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Our Mission

To improve the lives of those in desperate situations and personal crisis worldwide, by providing shelter, food, education and hope.

Our Pledge

AKUN is made up of all volunteers! So we can pledge to you the maximum amount of your donation will go directly to the project you sponsor.

Did you know that when you donate money to AKUN, more than 97% goes directly to projects?

​​​Christine and Linda visited Cambodia in February 2015. 

Linda went again in February 2016 with a new volunteer Natalia. During both trips, they went to the Lindalva Center where they met with the staff and students. They also went to the countryside of Chumkiri in Kampot Province to identify families in need of housing improvements. There, they also met with the youth group, the women's group and the men's group to discuss skills training. They discussed with the women's group how to make the garlands, ornaments and pouches. 

Our team has several years of experience in humanitarian projects, especially in South East Asia.

Barbara and Linda, met while living on Borneo in 2004-2010 and have supported the Lindalva Center in Phnom Penh, since 2008 through the generosity of the people they knew in Brunei. So far, they have made a dozen visits to Cambodia between them. While in Brunei, they also helped support the group 'Helping Hands Penan' by selling handmade local products from the Penan tribes of Borneo. When Barbara moved to Malaysia, she continued her support to the Penan project. Linda, who moved to China, lent a hand to 'Hopeful Hearts' in Chengdu and raised funds for several local projects.

When Barbara and Linda were both living in USA they wanted to continue their support in Asia and the rest of the world through AKUN.

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Scholarship Program

​All the members of our team are volunteers. We currently use more than 97% of your donations just for projects (we are charged 2.7% when you Pay with Paypal). If you would like to join our team, contact us!

Our trips to Cambodia

Christine Shaw

Treasurer and Co-Founder