​Applications can be received from any officer, member and/or volunteer of AKUN, known referrals and anybody who hears of AKUN through contacts, our website, social media, etc. 

All applications must be received by September 15 and will be reviewed by the Board.

The following criteria will be taken into account:

- The subjects of the proposed studies/certification must comply with our general tax exempt mission and must not contain religious, political (general history and law for example are seen as common core subjects and not as political) or military contents;
- The likelihood of attendance must be very high (previous records can be looked at if available and issues such as transport and family conditions should be looked at);
- The situation of the applicant has to be quite desperate (for example but not limited to: is very poor, cannot easily access other means of funding, parents are poorly educated, or is orphaned etc). AKUN will not discriminate based on origins, gender, disabilities, family/geographical situation or religion. The Board will do its best to be as fair as possible with the information given and known.
- Applicants must be motivated and have a basic future plan;
- Short report of attendance and progress (just a few lines) to be submitted every term (6 months) with a photo;
- Passing grades must be maintained each semester to remain eligible for scholarship renewal on multiple year study/certification programs.
- Receipts for tuition fees and others items funded (such as, but not limited to, uniform and books) must be obtained and sent to AKUN;
- A copy of the diploma/completion certificate must be sent to AKUN at the end of the study/certification funded.

Upon a positive outcome, AKUN will get in touch with the successful applicant to work out the practicalities of the scholarship.


Some of our first students to receive the scholarship were 

Set Raksa,

Oem SokLa and

Seun Kim Chhan


For $50 a month, a student in Cambodia, can study at University or a Vocational College!

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The Sarah Meredith Fouad Scholarship was created in 2018 to honor the life of Sarah Meredith Fouad, the daughter of one of our members, who passed away at the age of 19. The Scholarship will be awarded on a yearly basis and renewed until degree or certification is received, providing passing grades are achieved.
In order to select individuals benefitting this scholarship, the Board of AKUN agrees to use the selection process and criteria outlined below.


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