Update November 2022

Abey's course began on October 14th. She is busy learning new skills. Abey:

'I am doing ok and already started the class learning the morning and afternoon.'

​Abey sent some photos of her during her first weeks of training. It's so great to see she has started her course. We wish her well.

Abey has graduated!

Update May 2023

The Board Meeting on May 16th was told that Abey has successfully completed her course. We look forward to hearing when her graduation will be and what her future plans are.

Abey's dream

"My ambition is to build up myself with skills in the area of beauty salon and to have my own business in which I will have better opportunity to reap profit for myself to smooth my life and to create job opportunity for young females who are experiencing the same life like I am experiencing right now."      

2022/23 Sarah Meredith Fouad Scholarship recipient

A BIG THANKYOU to everyone who has donated to the Scholarship Program in 2022.

​Abey's graduation in 2023 was made possible because of you.

Update February 2023

Photos sent this month from Abey, show she is working hard and learning new skills, on her course in Addis Ababa. She hopes to graduate in June 2023. Good luck Abey!

Abey's dream of joining the beauty industry 

"Now a day’s beauty industry is a rapidly growing and competent industry. This industry is strong. According to statistics, annual growth rate of the industry from 2021 to 2022 is 4.75 percent. So, joining this industry has long-term and considerable significance in our life. Joining this industry is my passion and it will enable me to be successful entrepreneur by having my own business with my prospected skills and it will be a great opportunity for me to create job opportunity for young females. Moreover, it has been my dream to be a professional make-up artist. I want to enjoy my own business with the job I loved a lot. To achieve this, I need to get the technical and professional skills required for working in beauty salon."

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Small scale * Big Impact

Ethiopian Scholarship Student

 ​Check out Abey's updates below!

From Abey, " I am so much thankful for your commitment and initiation in creating this opportunity for individuals like me. You are trying to make our future better."


AKUN received a scholarship application from Abey over the summer of 2022. ​Through donations to this year's Scholarship Program, AKUN was able to approve Abey's scholarship. Funds have been provided for Abey to study on a 6 month course, 'Women Beauty Salon'. The course is provided by Nebyu and Tsehay Women Beauty Salon Training Center, Addis Ababa. Abey's scho​larship will cover the fees for the course, the equipment and uniform needed, her accommodation during the course, transportation and Abey's food. 

Abey Mamo Setbelay

​Abey is an orphan, she lived with her grandmother, in a village in Ethiopia, after her parents' passing. Her grandmother has struggled to provide for both herself and Abey. With a lack of opportunities in her village, Abey moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital city, to try to make a better life for herself. 

Abey's graduation in 2023 was down to her hard work and the generosity of AKUN donors!