Yeyi Yat's Story:
55 plus yrs old (it is very common for Cambodians not to know their age.
She is SO happy with her house!!!!!!
She is the mother of the two ladies that were around during our visit.
She lives with her grandson 4yrs old and her daughter 30yrs old (mother of the boy).
Yeyi Yat has 5 kids: she had married a man much older than her and who was from a far away village. Her husband died when the last son was 2 yrs old and they all grew up where the house is now.
Her second son married to pregnant lady living nearby, nice House, 3 little boys.
Her 3rd daughter is the one living with her with young son. The husband left her when she got pregnant (again very common in Cambodia).
Her 4th daughter is the one with the 2 months old baby that we met during our visit.
Her 5th son married in another village.
Yeyi Yat is a very good gardener! She plants lots of veggies, trees...etc.
She has no electricity, no water, not even jar to collect the rainwater from the roof. They go to the nearby well and put it in the traditional jar.
They all keep their area relatively clean.
We built them a new house in October 2018. Yeyi Yat kept her old hut as the kitchen/storage room. She had managed to upgrade the roof to tin sheets before we built her new house!
Yeyi Yat, her daughter and grandson are living together in the new house but the other grandchildren also come to sleep because they feel safe there.
Yeyi Yat harvests crabs from the rice fields and sells them at the market.
She would like some chicken to make a living.
We were told that all the children we saw during our visit go to school and are vaccinated.
They also need a bicycle.

In 2018, we used $1330 of your donations to change her life

and that of her extended family.