2020 News

2020 News

2020 was a challenging year across the world. With all the restrictions in place, life has been different for us all. Here's what AKUN was able to achieve in 2020:

AKUN was able to sponsor 4 students, through direct sponsorship and the Sarah Meredith Fouad Scholarship program. Enabling them to continue their studies, though most of that studying was done at home online rather than in person. The students have coped well with the change but they are looking forward to returning to in person classes as soon as possible.

The Sunday Feeding program expanded to a 3rd village, Tropeang Skun in Cambodia for 2020. Due to Covid-19 the program was only able to run until March 11th at the start of the year. It restarted in October 25th 2020 with the staff and children thrilled to start meeting up again.

Want to know more?

Below is the link to our 2020 Annual Report summarizing our achievements and laying out strategic goals for our continued operations and growth.