First Annual General Meeting

End of November 2015, AKUN held its first Annual General Meeting. it was well attended with 15 attendees in 3 different States. It was fun and we got some good inputs for future projects and fundraising events!!! Thank you for attending!!!!

We thank all of you who have supported AKUN during these events! It is fun and all of our funds are going to much needed projects!

If you would like to be involved and/or would like to help in our next events/projects,

please contact us. Thank you!

Open House and Garage Sale

Anchorage, Alaska

May 2015

A big success!!

$4,500 were sent to fund

10 children at the Lindalva Centre ($3,000) and

$1,500 to build/improve homes for 2 families in Chumkiri! Thanks!

Open House
Katy, Texas
September 2015
$1,029 raised
The Board will decide soon which project these funds will go to!

2015 NEWS

St John's Crafts Fair
Anchorage, Alaska
October 2015

We made crab apple jelly and jam and we offered them for donation. Between the Crafts Fair and friends giving donations for the jellies, we have reached more than $1,000!
We hope to build a shelter for a desperate family in Chumkiri with this fund! Thank you!