Did you know that when you donate money to AKUN, more than 97% goes directly to projects?

The women group have previously made these beautiful garlands and ornaments from natural palm leaves. First, they pick the leaves that are then washed, dyed and woven into balls, ornaments and pouches.

We are trying to promote these products in shops so if you would like to help us with that, we would appreciate it. Get in touch!

A success story!

Through learning new skills, people like Sorai Ni, Sophy, Tan and Sorai Mum can improve their small income and support their family better. It empowers them and gives them, as well as their children a better future. Women in the Chumkiri area who have learnt to sew are now busy with making hundreds of school uniforms for the nearby schools. They also make beautifully crafted woven boxes with materials they can find in the countryside.

In the same area, the youth group is taking care of malnourished children and visiting the poorest people around to find ways to help them.

The recent Civil War in Cambodia (1975-79) decimated 1/4 of the population leaving the country with traumatised and under-skilled people. The benefits of training skills in villages are numerous:

- men are busier and happier so hopefully alcoholism and  domestic violence go down;

- men and women can make a new or better income

- no need for families to leave to go to bigger cities

- increase self-esteem and give hope for a brighter future





They would love to hear your ideas for new skills training, if you would like to help, please contact us! Thanks!


Donations for this program may go towards:

- dyes for leaves and cotton threads

- raw materials (such as cotton threads, fabrics for the sewing or scarves)

- sewing machines

- training courses

- a broadening experience such as a visit to Phnom Penh, a market, a major tourist site (i.e. Angkor Wat, the beach...etc)

At some of our events, you will see their beautifully crafted woven boxes (made with palm tree leaves) filled with the famous Kampot pepper for example. Our new items will be silk scarves and woven garlands! Come back to check on these!

During their recent trips in 2015 and 2016, Christine and Linda met with these various groups. They are motivated to continue learning sewing, farming, computer basics and construction! Their main current interest is making garlands and ornaments form natural palm leaves.

Let's give them a better chance in life than they have had so far!

By sponsoring our skills training program, you help women, men and youth in the Chumkiri community improve their income and their living conditions!

Thank You!

Let's give them more skills for a better living!