Watch the kids at the Lindalva Center learn their ABCs!!

This daycare is located in the Pochentong Industrial Zone, in the Capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The Center is now run by Cambodians and overseen by the Daughters of Charity, 

It provides education, a meal and a place of safety for 132 children ages 2-15.

We love the way this Center transforms the lives of these children! Without it, these children would have no safe place to stay while their mothers are out working. The moms earn less than $100 a month for a 10 hour workday in local factories. Their children would be at risk of road and domestic accidents, roaming the streets, stealing and becoming victims of human trafficking, drug addiction, or alternately being locked in a room all day. Your donation for sponsorship is sent to the Center to enable the students to attend.


This video was not commissioned or produced by AKUN but we think it shows the situation of the workers very well. AKUN does not participate to any political or legislation changing projects. We just think the video represents very truly what we saw in Phnom Penh. We are trying to help these workers with their children's daycare through the Lindalva Center.


Watch the kids at the Lindalva Center dance with us!!

Thanks to your donations, AKUN helped the Lindalva Centre furnish their new classroom.